Thursday, 12 April 2012

life is stressfull

Life is stressfull at the moment because of all the shit thats been going on. but on the bright side im hopefully submitting the last part of my porforlio tonight to toronto film school. getting into this school would mean alot to me because being in the movie bussiness has always been my dream and doing anything else just seems stupid. it goes along with my personality because for me doing the same thing repetitively just gets boring but with movies its always a fresh start at a new story.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Pyro is now uploaded for your viewing pleasure and i am proud to present it to you exclusively!!

Please comment on it, feedback and constructive criticism is always appreciated to help make future projects better!! :)


The update on my life is i finally finished my film and entered it into the film festival. For the most part it turned out really well but there were a few mistakes and additional footage i wanted to put into the movie. I think for my next project i might sit out on the acting and focus more or the directing because i've now noticed that the only way to shoot whats in my head, is to shoot it my self.